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…a little while later

It has been over a year since my last entry.

I guess getting married, the honeymoon, work, settling down, watching the Red Sox win, travelling, moving all take a lot of time… I’ve re-subscribed to MLB TV and am now enjoying “TV-quality (very) late nights watching Derek & Co. achieving .500, and doing my bit in spreading the realm of the “Evil Empire” to Europe. After 32 games, it could be worse than .500. It could be the Jays’ .452. Seems as if we’re getting warmed up. Let’s just hope that this Yankee-unworthy start won’t penalize the team too much at end of the season.

Looking at the pitchers, Hughes is starting to worry me. Yes, it is still early in the season, but still… Luckily, Wang seems to be doing his thing. (I remember attending his MLB debut vs. the Blue Jays in 2005. Very impressive, although Mo got the W). Also, Pettitte and Mussina still seem ok. And Mo’s still Mo. So let’s just wait and see.

Players: In 2005, a very young player named Melky appeared in the rosters. He only appeared in 6 games, but I liked his name and his enthusiasm, so I decided to root for him in particular. Three years later, I am pleased to see that not only was he not sold, but that he may be turning out to be a reliable hitter. First HR of the Yankees this season on opening day, he radiates enthusiasm, positivity and a “can-do” attitude. And for these reasons, I am proud to say: “Ich bin ein Melky-er” (Or perhaps “Je suis un Melky-ois” would be more appropriate).

I just wish Cano could radiate the same enthusiasm. .150 after 32 games is… well… again, we’ll see. He seems a little discouraged. After his last at-bat in the bottom of the 7th (SO) yesterdat agains the Mariners, returning to the dugout, he just seemed so helpless . Somebody please give him a hug…

Talking about the dugout, I visited Yankee Stadium for the first, only and last time (although I’m hoping to attend a couple more games this season… tickets can be quite expensive: Average Yankee ticket $45, Average ticket to NY: $600, Watching the Yankees: Priceless… or $645…)Quite an experience: I would encourage everybody to visit the House that Ruth Built before it is torn down. According to the guide, the new stadium will be larger, but with less seats. It will also feature standing room only areas. I bet you that within a couple years, they’ll add seats and charge more… just the Yankees being the Yankees)

Anyway, the Parisian Yankee is back, and now he’s settled, the next post should come sooner than in a year.