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Rasner, the Post and Baseball Templars

…and it just won’t stop! Parisian Yankee’s little fav, Melky, hit his 6th HR in last Sunday’s proper Yankee wallop of a third inning. And Cano follows up with a solo HR: someone must have given him that hug. It’s nice to be (slightly) above .500, and nice to see Rasner perform where Kennedy and Hughes seem to have a few difficulties. I say keep him in the majors, and let him develop there.

Regarding the stars, today’s NY Post reminds us that Jeter is set to become the all-time pinstriped hit leader by the end of the year, overtaking Mantle, Ruth, Gehrig, Berra, and DiMaggio. It is only fitting that this will happen in the “Cathedral”… a great way to end the era.

The Post also visits Joe Torre in LA; laid back in LA despite a 9-13 start… what a life. A far cry from the Bronx.

No games today, to to compensate, I had a look at what France has to offer in the field of baseball. Now I knew that baseball wasn’t that developed in France (American sports aren’t really apart from the NBA and live broadcast of the superbowl). The French may know the namesof DiMaggio and Babe Ruth, some have even heard of Barry Bonds (but not of BALCO), but baseball in general is rather under-developed. How surprising when baseball-almanac.com reminds us that the following major league ball players were born in France: Bruce Bochy, Steve Jeltz and Ed Gagnier. Yes, THAT Gagnier… who played for the Brooklyn Tip-Tops and the Buffalo Buffeds in 1914 and 1915. In other words, nothing to write home about.

France does have a Fédération Française de Baseball et de Softball. They even have MLB tryouts once a year; Joris Bert, the Dodger’s 19th-round selection in the June 2007 First-Year Player Draft, and the first Frenchman amateur to be drafted was first selected during such tryouts.

The best league in France is the Baseball Elite championship. 8 teams compete in 18 games. For the moment, the championship leaders are the Templiers de Senart, literally the Senart Templars. I’ll try to go and watch a game at some point… could be interesting and I will let you know…

For those of you curious enough to want to travel over here and give Gallic baseball a try, Baseball Adventures has baseball trips to Paris where you’ll get to compete against local teams and visit as well.

I guess getting a 50,000 seat stadium in France won’t be something I’ll be seeing in my lifetime…