Fantasy Yankee

For the first time, I have joined a fantasy league. It’s free, seems fun, and will create (hopefully) another bridge between the Eiffel Tower and the Bronx. I took part in a live draft in the MLB 2007 Fantasy Open. I think I’m suffering from a heavy bias, but is it really that bad when you support the Yankees? Anyway, this is who I ended up with:

P: Yankees
C: J. Posada
1B: J. Giambi
2B: T. Iguchi
3B: A. Beltre
SS: D. Jeter
OF: M. Ramirez
OF: H. Matsui
OF: J. Damon

BN: A. Pierzynski, N. Garciaparra, K. Youkilis, S. Rolen, E. Encarnacion, M. Cuddver.

I’m sure I could think of worse teams. Okay, the Yankees as Pitchers may not be optimal, but who knows? If the old Rocket does come back and Pavano manages to keep away from injuries… (…nothing much would change, but it’s nice to day-dream.)



  1. Coral

    Hmmm. This is where loyalty hurts you in the standings. Don’t worry I did the same thing with fantasy football…

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